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Summary of Academics

The learning platform for all CCS and CHS blended and online classrooms is Edgenuity. This platform offers students a choice and voice in their academic courses. For credit recovery, Edgenuity offers classes with a pretest that gives students credit for what they know. Then, the remaining lessons provide students with instructional content that also is correlated with real world examples. Edgenuity is not easy, but it can meet students where they are at and build on their skills. For the students in the blended classroom, that learning is guided and supplemented by their course teachers. Edgenuity also gives students suggested due dates, progress reports, immediate feedback, and control over their time. Parents also have access to Edgenuity Parent Vue that allows parents to see grades, time spent on task and progress.

Middle School students will attend CCS face to face every day. Their schedule starts at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 3:30 p.m. including lunch. Transportation is provided for middle school students. Classes start with a Math Lab to complete homework and ask questions from the previous lesson. Lunch is provided each day. The daily schedule includes:


Math Lab - ELA Writing - Social Studies - Lunch - Elective - Science - Math - ELA Reading


High School students focus on the core subjects of Science, English, Social Studies and Math.  The courses include:


English 9 / English 10 / English 11 / English 12

World History / U.S. History / Economics / Government

Algebra I / Geometry / Algebra II / Financial Math / Pre-Calculus A-B

Biology / Chemistry / Earth Science / Physical Science / Environmental Science and Physics


Electives are offered both online and through alternate programs:


Art History - Career Exploration - Health - Psychology - Sociology - Wellness  

Intro to Business - Intro to Art - Fitness - Personal Finance - Academic Success Strategies AP French - AP Spanish - Office TA

Work Experience Credit - JROTC - EVIT



High School students have breakfast available at 7:20 a.m. and grab and go lunch at 11:30 a.m.  Currently, transportation is not available for high school students.











Content Delivery & Instruction

Students are in class with a certified teacher for each class. Teachers work 1 to 1 and in small groups. Students participate in district testing at CCS.

Mentor teacher is assigned to meet weekly to monitor progress.  Students may receive assistance from certified staff. Students participate in district testing at CCS.


Students work on individual classes with their own pacing or extended times.  Electives are available for online independent study or in person options.  Work Experience, JROTC and EVIT are options for CCS students.

Students may work at own pace and choose a schedule that allows for family, work, or training schedules. Students can work ahead.  A variety of online electives are available. Work Experience, EVIT or JROTC are options for online students.

Time Requirements


Daily class time is 4.5 hours, including advisory.  Students may choose a morning or afternoon schedule. Electives may be worked on independently online. Each student’s schedule determines the classes they work on. Students who are working on credit recovery will need to maximize time spent on classes.

Students must complete 25 hours per week to stay up with pacing guides. Students may work Monday through Saturday if they choose. Logs must be turned in each week.  Instructors are available during the school day. Students who do not remain active in courses may have them disabled.


Students with a 504 or IEP will have accommodations provided.  Prior to attendance at CCS -the CHS or CMS IEP team will meet to discuss appropriate accommodations and services.

Students with 504 or IEP will have their accommodations provided.  We will work with the student’s case manager or counselor to determine appropriate placement, accommodations, and services.


Field trips and activities are available. Students may participate in extracurricular clubs and athletics at CHS provided a student is in good standing and has eligibility remaining.  All current seniors may participate in CHS activities for 2021 graduates.

No in-person activities or field trips.  Students may participate in extracurricular clubs and athletics at CHS provided a student is in good standing and has eligibility remaining. All current seniors may participate in CHS activities for 2021 graduates.


CHS activities for 2021 graduates

CHS activities for 2021 graduates