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Home of the Pack

Our mission at The Combs Center for Success is to empower students to become informed, socially responsible citizens who shape their own futures!


Our vision is to create an environment in which all students are known by name, valued as an individual and supported to reach their greatest potential.

The pack

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our successes and challenges for all students at CCS.  We demonstrate personal responsibility for consistently working with all students as they strive to reach their potential.


Building Relationships: We believe in fostering a kind, respectful and inclusive school-wide culture.  We celebrate the worth of each individual and esteem the diverse cultures, talents, and potential that every person brings to our campus.


Cultivating Excellence: We pursue high standards in academic achievement, community stewardship, and organizational performance. We are receptive to innovation and focus on being relevant and current.  We seek to be the best we can be.